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INTERVIEW - Batcho el Barbero

featuring: Stace

Stace from Batcho el Barbero shares with us his infectious attitude and good will towards his community. He may only be just starting out in the barbering community, but already he has made an impact.

Barber Brands International: Do you prefer Stace or Batcho?
Stace: You can call me whatever you like! Stace, Stace face, Sally, Stephanie, Batch or Batcho.

BBI: The big question: scissors or clippers?
S: Clippers all the way, well almost! I’m still new to the trade, so I’m still mastering my scissor skills!

BBI: Do you have a favourite part of giving someone a haircut?
S: The best part is the banter, just having a good chat with clients and mates. People talk about some intimate stuff while in the chair and I feel great being the bloke they open up to. I also love at the end of the appointment when they are stoked with their cut.

BBI: Why and how did you start giving free haircuts to the homeless and less fortunate?
S: Why? Because I didn’t have any money to give to charity as I was trying to get in front myself. Then one day I saw an article on some dude doing homeless cuts over in the states. At that stage I’d never cut hair (Only mullets and eye brows on benders). So, I decided to go do a barbering course at TAFE, raised some money to do it, then hooked up with the local shelter in Bondi “Norman Andrews House”. I go down every month and see the lads and ladies and have a good time.

BBI: How did you discover and become involved with NAH and FTW Revolution?
S: NAH is basically the only shelter in Bondi and I grew up in the area, so I thought it would be ideal and they do an amazing job for the locals. Also, my mum “Kimbo” has been volunteering down there for years.

My role as an ambassador for FTW Revolution started with my relationship with the main man Matt Dee. We both grew up in Bronte and loved punk and surfing. Matt started FTW to raise awareness for mental health and suicide prevention after losing his Brother and sister to suicide a few years back. So as an FTW barber I’m on the frontline talking to men and the less fortunate, being an ear or a shoulder to cry on.

The best thing you can do in your day is talk to people and have a laugh; it’s amazing what a chat can do for someone’s day. Just let your mates know you are there if they need to talk.

BBI: Why do you think it is important for Barbers to help within their community?
S: I think everyone should help in their community, not only barbers. We waste 10 bucks a day on coffee, hours on social media and watching TV. We all have an hour or two or a few bucks a month to help. Apart of Australian culture is giving and mateship, so why not sign up and help those less fortunate.

As for barbers helping? Bloody oath, everyone needs a haircut and chat! The human touch of a barber is what changes a person’s day.

BBI: What is your favourite place you have ever cut hair?
S: An ice hockey rink for a charity event! Freezing cold, a huge crowd, great laughs and awesome mad men.

BBI: For anyone visiting Sydney do you have any recommendations of places to see?
S: Bondi to Coogee walk: its epic! Or come do a run swim run at Clovelly beach with me and the gang. Yewwwww!