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St James of London

St James of London was created in 1953, when Great Britain had a young Queen who symbolised peace and prosperity, and the nation was regaining strength after WWII.

Relaunched in 2013, St James of London is now distributed worldwide.

All of the Colognes are natural, alcohol free, paraben free and sulfate free.

There are 4 cologne scents to choose from; Cedarwood & Clarysage; Mandarin & Patchouli; Black Pepper & Lime; Sandalwood & Bergamot.

St James of London offer hair care and styling products. Their Pomade is small batch made, medium hold and water based. It creates a matte look and has a lavender scent.

The Lemongrass & Bergamot Hydrating Shampoo is highly concentrated and made to be used daily, as is their lightly scented Lavender and Limes Hydrating Conditioner.

The shave care range includes a Shave Creme, a Post Shave Gel and a Pre Shave Oil. These products have natural key ingredients and are gentle on the skin, which would make a nice add on service in any barbershop.

St James of London offer 3 razor types; Mach 3, Fusion and Double Edge Safety. These razors come in a variety of handle materials.

Their Super Badger Brushes also come in a variety of handle materials including; Tawy; Alabaster; Malachite; Castlerock; Tortoise; and Ash.